Street Art in Rome

Street art in Rome is finally catching on. In the last years a lot of international artists have seen Rome as one of the new centres for showing their works.

I have always been interested in contemporary forms of Art insomuch that two years ago I started my personal tour in the search of the most interesting places of my city.

Here is my personal list… but I am sure that there are so many more that I haven’t seen yet:

1. Tor Marancia

Tor Marancia district, was pulled up in fifty days, when there was a need to transfer a lot of inhabitants of the historic city centre for the construction – during the Fascist regime – of via dei Fori Imperiali (the street between the Coliseum and Piazza Venezia). In 1948 Tor Marancia (at that time called Shangai) was so unhealthy that it had to be razed to the ground and re-built. Huge council houses were constructed and given to the population of the area.

The area has been recently “attacked” by many street artists, headed by Mr. Klevra, who initially fell in love with the original Shangai symbol, written at the entrance of the neighbourhood.

2. M.U.Ro (Museo di Urban Art di Roma) – Quadraro

Founded in 2010 by the artist David “Diavù” Vecchiato, M.U.Ro (acronym of “wall” in Italian) is the first-born Museum of Urban Art in the city of Rome.
M.U.Ro is a site-specific project, designed to create a connection between the artists and the shape and history of the area. It is also community-specific as it is shared with the local citizens.

The collection – mainly murals – belongs to the local Community and, currently, includes 21 works form national and international artistis such as: Nicola Alessandrini, Jim Avignon, Diavù, Dilkabear, Malo Farfan and Alice Pasquini.

3. Testaccio 

From via Galvani to via delle Conce, from via del Commercio to via dei Mercati Generali. Testaccio, a former low-income neighborhood, is now one of the “coolest” of Rome. It is a succession of graffiti, the majority of them signed by some of the most famous street artist in the world: Axel Void, Roa, Blu (my favourite), Herbert Baglione, Kid Acne.

4. MAAM (Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove) – Prenestina/Tor Sapienza

Born in 2012 by Giorgio de Finis, in collaboration with the inhabitants of Metropoliz, the MAAM seeks to work in competition with them major Contemporary Art Museums of Rome (the MAXXI and the MACRO). Its strength can be found in its remoteness, its complete lack of funds and in its vitality (the area where the works are shown is actually inhabited).

The MAAM aims to transform an old factory (currently occupied) in a “super-object” and a subject of collective art. Artists are invited to give their contribution for free, interacting with space, with residents, and with each other.


MURO-Quadraro and Testaccio are easily reacheable (with metro lines A and B) while Tor Marancia and MAAM may not (you may have to take some busses and/or trams), but they are all worth a visit!

If you happen to visit Rome, do not miss these places. And if you have more to suggest please do let me know.

I am sharing a video produced by Turismo Roma… just to give you an idea.


Article by: Roberto

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