Mongol Rally 2015

SPQRally Team – Journal 2

Another update from our friends of the SPQRally team participating in the Mongol Rally 2015.

Another beautiful story not to be missed…

“As expected, our first travel journal is written from inside our car, while driving along long, untrimmed and incandescent streets.

A few days ago we left Iran; now, in Uzbekistan, we are driving along the “Silk Road”.

We waited for so long before giving you updates, because we needed to get a better perception of this trip. We needed to leave “the predictable” and be carried away by the uncontrollable events of this trip.

Several days have passed since our departure; not too many, but enough – already – to forget the week days and the problems of our daily routine.

Everything started in Ancona (Italy) when we took a ferry for Igoumenitsa, in Greece. We crossed this country – from west to east – in its most important historical period of the last decade. Then we entered into Turkey and got amazed by the magic of Istanbul. Towards east, we breathed the deep spirit of the Cappadocia region and got stuck at the Syrian border due to a terroristic attack.

On the phone, the Italian Foreign Ministry invited us to think about our journey and evaluate our entry in Iran in such a delicate historical moment. We thought, we struggled but eventually we looked at each other and said: “it is the right time!”. So we switched on our beautiful red car and crossed the Turkish/Iranian border during an unforgettable red dawn.

It has been several days since we left. Our next destination brings the grand name of Samarkand.

We have met a world of generosity. We have waited for hours at the borders and found ourselves playing football with Iranian guards, seeing in their eyes the wonder of the unknown and the joy of the unexpected.

The same joy that we experienced in the streets of Tehran when, while stuck in a crazy traffic jam, we got rescued by Shervin. Shervin got intrigued by our car; he approached us and pointed us the right way. He showed us his city and invited us to stay at his house for two nights; to share time, food and sincere talks. We experienced a different Iran, a country which is often seen with fear and distrust.

After being pampered by him and his family, he gave us the cup of the victory: a small cup to be lifted the day of our supposed arrival. Now this cup is is leaning on the back seat of our beautiful car and keeps us company.

This journal ends here. Too much time in front of the screen of a PC when, out there, there are still so many kilometers awaiting!”

Live tracking available here.


Article by: SPQRally Team


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