Holidays ad Hoc

Happy Birthday Holidays ad Hoc!

Dear Friends, It’s time to celebrate! Holidays ad Hoc has just turned 1 and we are all very excited.

It has been a first year of hard work, emotions and… exciting trips! We are glad we had the opportunity to share it all with you.

Thank you! This could only be possible with your support.

Are you a Traveler? Thank you for booking our hosts’ accommodations and activities. We hope you had a good time and got to meet new valuable friends! Keep following our website; we are working hard to introduce you to new local hosts.

Are you a Host? Thank you for sharing your home and activities with our Travelers. We hope we managed to put you in contact with passionate people from all over the world and helped you save some money by not charging any commission at the time of reservation.

Where are we going?

Some of you have asked us: would you like to compete with more established (and powerful) websites?

Well, our answer is no (at least for now!).

As stated in our Mission, we seek to be a communication platform where Travelers and local Hosts can get in touch at no cost; where Travelers can plan their own travel experiences, while supporting local economies; where passionate writers can give space to their creativity and share their stories with other Travelers and Hosts, suggesting places to visit and people to meet; where we, of the Holidays ad Hoc team, can inspire your future trips with pictures from around the world where we will be traveling to enlarge our Community of Hosts.

So… what’s next?

We will keep following our path, based on great enthusiasm and resourcefulnes.

We will keep working hard to improve our tools and try to offer you the best platform possible.

We will activate a “Support us” botton where you all, Travelers and Hosts, will be able to financially contribute to the growth of the project. Funds we shall receive will go towards website development and operating costs.

We will activate a “Suggest a Host” page where Travelers will be able to suggest and sponsor new potential Hosts (accommodations and/or activities), offering them a trial period within our Community.

We will launch the “Introduce a Host” program through which Hosts will be able to introduce other hosts in exchange of a discount on their future listing annual fees.


Thank you for taking time to read this. Thank you again for this exciting first year!

Keep traveling, keep hosting!
Roberto and the HaH Team


* Do not forget to use our official hashtag #hahlocaltips to share your pictures with our Community and/or to find inspiration for future HaH explorations.

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