Mongol Rally 2015

SPQRally Team – Journal 1

The SPQRally Team adventure in the Mongol Rally 2015 has started. The team left Rome (Italy) on July 19. 

Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran… here is their first “official” update for our Blog!

“Five hours to the border.

First (in the picture) is us, after crossing the border of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the “dreamed” country . We finally reached it!

In the second picture… Hossein Ravanyar, our Virgil in this deserted land. Hossein wins you over at first glance; he opens your heart and fills it with poignant and unheard stories from a parallel world.

Our first day in Iran was with him; hopefully, we will be able to tell you all his stories soon.

[Note: Social networks in Iran are banned, this update has been published by nibla]”


To live track the SPQRally adventures click here.


Article by: SPQRally team (Valerio)

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