Florence, Tuscany

Florence at a glance

Dear Travelers,

In all these years – as guests and passionate explorers of the city of Florence – we have been collecting information and tips about this beautiful and historic jewel of central Italy.

It was time to put all this information into a dynamic guide which we will constantly update in the hope of making your explorations even more enjoyable.

Feel free to write your comments, suggesting other places and providing new descriptions. We would love to hear about your experience in Florence.

Good reading and… good adventures!

The HaH team

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Holidays ad Hoc

Happy Birthday Holidays ad Hoc!

Dear Friends, It’s time to celebrate! Holidays ad Hoc has just turned 1 and we are all very excited.

It has been a first year of hard work, emotions and… exciting trips! We are glad we had the opportunity to share it all with you.

Thank you! This could only be possible with your support.

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Florence, Tuscany

Florence: Where All Your Senses Are Awakened

If you’re passionate about the Renaissance period and everything Michelangelo ever touched, brushed, or treaded on, then Florence is the place for you. This fabulous city is so filled with the rich, thick air of history that you feel the weight of exquisite art in every corner around you. It then starts closing in gracefully and embracing you, until it rests in your heart. That is the moment when you feel an invisible hand pulling you to the ground. You feel like you want to bow down on your knees and say “Hey! I don’t wanna go anywhere else. Heck I don’t even want to get out of this very street!” I’ve lived with that sentiment since I first saw Florence. On the very first day that eternal bond was created between myself and that beautiful old city, and I plan to keep going back again and again.

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Holidays ad Hoc, Mongol Rally 2015

Mongol Rally 2015

We have recently been aware of a fantastic race, called Mongol Rally, taking place every year between Europe and Siberia. A real adventure for true travelers!

Holidays ad Hoc is sponsoring the SPQRally Team, the Roman team participating to the 2015 edition, leaving next month towards Ulan Ude (Siberia).

Follow their adventures on our Traveler’s Blog. They will post their stories and share some cool videos and photos.

If you want to help them raising some money, you can click here.

But what is Mongol Rally?

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Florence, Tuscany

Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

Maggio (May in Italian) has just begun and its start reminded me of one the most interesting art festivals, happening in Florence in this period: Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.

Here is a little description of what the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino is… so, if you happen to be in Florence in this period of the year, enjoy it!

Trust me – if you are an opera lover – it is worth an international flight!

For any more information and for the May 2015 program, you can click here.

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Street Art in Rome

Street art in Rome is finally catching on. In the last years a lot of international artists have seen Rome as one of the new centres for showing their works.

I have always been interested in contemporary forms of Art insomuch that two years ago I started my personal tour in the search of the most interesting places of my city.

Here is my personal list… but I am sure that there are so many more that I haven’t seen yet:

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Natale di Roma

Walking around Rome yesterday was magic! You may want to know why… and here is the answer: it was Natale di Roma!

Natale di Roma (Birth of Rome) is a secular festivity linked to the foundation of the city of Rome, which – according to the legend – happened on April 21, 753 BC by the famous Romolous.

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